• Use accurate and complete information to file your claim. Incomplete responses can delay getting your benefits.
  • Keep a calendar of important dates, such as when to request your first benefit payment, your eligibility review and your next appointment with your career counselor. Most delays in benefits are the result of forgetting an important date.
  • Complete your work registration in Focus Career ( BEFORE you request your first benefit payment.
  • Keep accurate records of where you’ve looked for work. It will be required at your eligibility review.
  • The wait times when calling the Help Line (502-564-2900) are longer on Monday. If you can wait until later in the week your hold time will be shorter.
  • You are required to provide an active email address when filing a claim. Email is the fastest way we can communicate with you.
  • If someone needs to reach you about your claim, they will call the number you provided, so be sure you are available.
  • Keep your unemployment claim information and PIN number secure. Don’t allow anyone to access your claim. Calls made by anyone else will not be assisted without you present, even if it’s your spouse, child or representative.
  • Use the document upload feature on your claim to return documents quicker. Access document upload online at to log into your account.
  • Your career counselor is your best resource in finding your next job. Stay in contact with staff in the Kentucky Career Center for information about opportunities in your area.

General Information: 502-564-2900

File a claim: 502-875-0442


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