Frankfort, Ky. (Oct. 29, 2020) – Gov. Andy Beshear and Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman yesterday announced that Kentucky Skills U (KYSU), an agency in the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC), will offer new virtual opportunities for the Free GED Program. GED test fees will be waived for eligible first-time test takers by enrolling in one of the Kentucky Skills U programs across the state.

From January through June 2020, 3,565 Kentuckians took advantage of the fee-waiver program to work toward a GED credential. During this time, 1,032 Kentuckians completed their GED.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of Kentucky Skills U local offices in March. These closures, along with the closing of all GED Testing Centers, prohibited aspiring graduates from taking advantage of the Free GED program.

In order to keep Kentuckians safe during a pandemic, both the GED Ready Practice test and the GED test can now be taken online. Students may contact their local Skills U center to find out what services are available remotely through video conferencing and distance learning opportunities to prepare for the tests.

“We are excited to resume the GED fee-waiver program so that more Kentuckians can get a GED diploma,” the Governor said. “When we rolled out the program in January, we had a tremendous response from Kentuckians who wanted to improve their education and increase their opportunities in the workforce. Since then, as with many initiatives, COVID-19 has sidelined the fee-waiver program, so we are making it available again.”

The GED test fee is one of the most common barriers facing adults lacking education in Kentucky. By waiving the test fees for first-time test takers, Kentuckians can save a total of $120 for all four test modules.

“Every Kentuckian has the right to a quality education. As a teacher, I know the difference a high school diploma or GED diploma can make in a person’s life and future. We had a great start at the beginning of the year, but we still have more than 327,000 people who do not have a high school diploma or GED diploma, and the best time to start is now when the fees have been waived,” said Lt. Gov. Coleman, who also serves as secretary of the EWDC.

Kentucky requires the GED Ready Practice test be taken and passed prior to taking a GED subject area test (there are four subject area tests total). The GED Ready Practice test is available at no cost through Kentucky Skills U.

In-person GED tests are available across the state with social distancing measures in effect because of COVID-19. For more information, visit and click on “County Contacts” to find a KYSU program near you.

“We know the more barriers we can assist individuals in overcoming, the more likely they are to pursue KY Skills U free adult education services in preparation for passing the GED test,” said Jacqueline Korengel, interim executive director at KY Skills U. “We’re thrilled to offer eligible, first-time test takers free GED testing to defray costs that may pose a barrier.”

About Kentucky Skills U (Office of Adult Education): Kentucky Skills U is committed to providing academic and essential skills instruction to ensure all Kentucky adults get the education they need. Services are provided to eligible Kentuckians free of charge, including GED preparatory classes, learning the English language, preparation for technical training, essential workplace skills, and corrections education.

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Web Development students

web dev cohort flyer image 360The Kentucky Career Center — Cumberlands and the Cumberlands Workforce Development Board, in partnership with BC Skills Development Academy, are looking for candidates for our first Web Development Coding Cohort in Campbellsville! Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age in order to be eligible. If selected as a cohort participant, students will receive training ($15,000 value) at little to no cost.

Web developers are information technology (IT) professionals who design, develop, and maintain websites. Web developer jobs are projected to grow 13% (from 2018 t0 2028) which is 50% faster than average for other occupations.


If you are interested in consideration for the limited positions available for this valuable training, please fill out the no-obligation application before midnight October 1, 2020:

web dev cohort flyer image 360

Virtual Job Fair text with cartoon people on Internet devices.

The Kentucky Career Center - Cumberlands will host its first-ever Virtual Job Fair on August 20, 2020, from 10 am - 2 pm Eastern time. There is no fee or obligation, just an opportunity to meet — virtually — with regional businesses in need of employees. Job seekers can visit a special page on our website with virtual “booths” set up to promote businesses with hiring needs.

While a virtual job fair will be a different experience from a traditional fair, we will strive for the same momentum and excitement generated by a single day, concentrated employment gathering. We want to get job seekers engaging with employers, just like at a traditional job fair. Businesses will be displayed on a single gallery — a long scroll page (think Pinterest or Facebook). All 'booths' will be similar in size and visual design. It is up to a visitor to engage with an employer (just like a traditional fair), but through a phone call, website visit, email, or possibly a Zoom meeting.

How will it work?

On the day and time of the fair, the registration form on the webpage page will be turned on. Job seekers will need to sign in to access the gallery, where, like at a traditional fair, visitors can peruse the various booths at their leisure. It will be the responsibility of the employers to be available to receive calls (if a phone number is provided). At the end of the job fair, this page will be turned off.

This is a first for us, and details are still being worked out, but we feel confident this virtual job fair will be a much-needed tool for both employers and potential employees during these unprecedented times.

To attend the VJF, visit the link below on August 20 and register.

Drive-Thru Job Fair text over image of woman behind the wheel of her car.

The Kentucky Career Center - Cumberlands will cohost a Drive-Thru Job Fair on August 20, 2020, from 11am - 1pm Eastern Time at our Campbellsville location: 1311 East Broadway Street, Campbellsville, KY

Employers include Campbellsville Apparel, Cox Interior, Frost Arnett, Ingersoll Rand, Murakami, and Wholesale Hardware. Drive up, stay in your car, and get complete hiring requirements.

During the COVID-19 State of Emergency, individuals who need special health coverage should contact one of our Navigators. This coverage is temporary and ends two months after the application month, unless you submit an application for regular Medicaid. 

Our Navigators can help you and your family submit an application for temporary Medicaid over the phone at no cost. Contact us today.

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Assister Counties: Clinton, Cumberland, McCreary, Russell & Wayne

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Who's hiring? Connecting Kentucky's Talent Pipeline. (graphic illustration of people working together)

The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center staff is working with employers looking for talent due to surges experienced with COVID-19. Our team is working with Kentucky's Workforce and Education Cabinet and Career Centers across the state to identify talent currently experiencing job loss due to COVID-19.

Click the link below to see Who’s Hiring! The list of job openings is large and updated frequently. Also, if you are an employer needing a workforce, you can add your company to this listing.

There is also a list of 'Fair Chance' employers looking for employees.

This effort is a public service and of no costs to the employer or citizens of Kentucky.

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