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B.J. Wilkerson (SITE Job Retention and Support Specialist), Gale Cowan (Adair County Judge Executive), Aaron Poynter (Director of Reentry Programming with the South Central and Cumberlands Workforce Development boards), and Myra Wilson (Director of Workforce Development Cumberland Workforce Development Area).

This week KARES (Kentucky Area Resources) launched in Adair County with a community resource meeting hosted by the Cumberland Workforce Development Board at the Adair County Public Library.

KARES assists in connecting locally based resources to individuals in need. The services are segmented by county and offer information on career training, health care, schools, government assistance, transportation, housing, child care, food needs, clothing, substance abuse, faith-based agencies, and more. is a web-based application where individuals can view local resources, connect to those resources or request assistance in starting their journey to success. Community organizations provide contact, location information, and services to be listed on the KARES database. Any organization that would like to be added as a resource on the KARES website are encouraged to contact Aaron Poynter, Director of Reentry Programming via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KARES in Adair County was made possible through a partnership with the Cumberland Workforce Development Board and the Adair County Fiscal Court. The goal is to have the entire region covered by the KARES Network.

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