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Cumberlands Newsletter

The Cumberlands Workforce Development Board and the Partners of the Workforce Development Area are excited to begin sharing our information, activities and successes through a quarterly newsletter. Each partner strives to give individuals new opportunities through the services that are offered. Business Services Teams are being formally structured to assist the business community with needs that are encountering. Although the needs of each individual and business may vary, the services of each partner vary as well and as a collective group gives a wide array of services that can address many of those needs. These services have been in place for several years and literally thousands of individuals and numerous businesses have received services through these partners. Many know of the services that are offered and the successes that can result from them, but until now we have not publicly shared them in a way that could raise more awareness and benefit more individuals and businesses. We hope that the newsletters will be informative and help you better understand the services offered by the partners of the Cumberlands Workforce Development Area.


Cumberlands Newsletter - June 2014

Cumberlands Newsletter - February 2014

Cumberlands Newsletter - June 2013

Cumberlands Newsletter - April 2013

Cumberlands Newsletter - December 2012


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